Twenty Something

Hey There!!

I’m really excited to be writing my first blog post! The Twenty Something Blog was inspired by a recent lifechat with my best friend. (Thanks Ash!) I was sighing about not really knowing what I want to do with my life, when she reminded me of how much I love to write.

A few minutes later, we were talking about blogging, and throwing around dozens of excitedly brainstormed ideas. Then it hit me:  since I have no idea where I’m going in life, why not write a blog about EXACTLY where I am?  A Twenty Something year old woman, just doing ME!

I got to thinking… being a Twenty Something is a WEIRD.

There isn’t a Twenty-Something woman I know who is on the same page as another.  Some of my friends are married. Some are married and mommies. Some are just mommies. Some (like me) are single and looking for Mr. Right.  Some are just single and having fun. Others still, are just meeting the loves of their lives, and some are planning their weddings.  Some Twenty Somethings are still living with their parents, some are moving to other states, some are getting their first apartments and others are buying their first homes! Some Twenty-Somethings are finishing grad school, starting their first “big girl” jobs, working a couple part-timers, finding whole new careers or just trying to figure out what the HELL they’re supposed to do next.  Phew!

Yep, I’m convinced: Being a Twenty Something is WEIRD…  and FRIGGEN AWESOME!  Those older than us say we’re at the prime of our lives, and I believe them!  I now know that this decade is a huge transition period.  It’s when we learn just what it feels like, and means, to be an adult.  This is when we get to figure out just who we are and what we want from life.  This is when we get to start making all our dreams come true!!

So, this blog is all about me and you, my fellow Twenty Something – a sort of forum of all the wonderful things that can happen to us in our 20s. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences as a single, working, 24 (almost 25) year-old woman living in Pittsburgh.  I’m also going to introduce you to some of the wonderful Twenty Something women in my life who will share their own experiences in guest blogs!  And lastly, since being a Twenty Something is down-right fun, I’ll also be sharing entertaining things like fashion trends, makeup tips, music, books and TV topics, and anything else I feel is relevant to this decade of our lives.

Don’t be afraid to share your own thoughts, experiences and passions with me on comments or private messages, just please be nice!  This blog is my new favorite project, and I really just want all of us to have FUN!

Until next time, enjoy being the beautiful, powerful, WONDERFUL Twenty Something you are!

XOXO, Stephanie


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