Kiss Him! Then Kiss Some More!

Kissing is just about the greatest thing in the world, right?  It’s the most powerful way to express emotion, and is (usually) a fantastic part of being human!

Shape Magazine posted a tweet earlier today with a link to a very interesting article about kissing called, “Just How ‘Germy’ Is A Kiss?”  The answer?  Kinda germy, but those germs are very beneficial to women, especially those who are, or planning on being, pregnant!

According to  Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr., Director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at the NYU Langone Medical Center, kissing has a another purpose than pleasure. By kissing we exchange microorganisms, and sharing them may play a very important role in how we build up our immune systems.  This is especially true for pregnant women. (Who knew?!)  Apparently, kissing helps women build up an immunity to a cytomegalovirus — a virus that can cause significant problems to a fetus in-utero, but is otherwise harmless.

Medical researcher Dr. Colin Hendrie explained how kissing helps, “Female innoculation with a specific male’s cytomegalovirus is most efficiently achieved through mouth-to-mouth contact and saliva exchange, particularly where the flow of saliva is from the male … to the female.” The article suggests that a woman will be more likely  to be immune to cytomegalovirus if she kisses the same person for a long time. How about that?!

Now, if only this worked toward the common cold…. can you imagine how many more smooches would be shared? 😉

To read the full article and learn even more about the benefits of swapping spit, follow this link!



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