BLT Better with Basil?

Have you ever smelled fresh basil? Its scent is a wonderful and unique combination of earthy greens and minty sweet, and makes your house smell like summer all year long! It tastes even better than it smells, and adds a dash of unexpected goodness to anything you put it in.  I keep a basil plant in my apartment at all times, Well, to be totally honest, I should say kept…Basily met an early dumpster grave due to what I believe was overwatering. 😦 RIP Buddy/Sorry Bro.

Before I buried Basily, I happily clipped the leaves and used them in the only ways I knew how – on pizza, in pasta sauce, on noodles with garlic and butter, in homemade tomato bruschetta, and over baked chicken. Though I love all those things, I’d been looking for a new way to use the voluptuous green leaves.

I happened upon an enticing recipe earlier today from a fellow WordPress blogger.  Channeling Contessa took a standard BLT and basilizes it! (insert chorus of “Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero” here).

Her recipe is very user-friendly and the finished product includes black forest ham, manchego cheese, toasted whole-wheat sour dough bread, mayo, mustard, ripe tomatoes, and our star ingredient.  I can’t wait to try it out!

To get the step-by-step instructions and try it out for yourself by clicking here. Don’t forget to tell me how it goes, and let Channeling Contessa know I sent you!


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