Wedding Wednesdays (yeah I know it’s Thursday): Invitations!

So I know that Wedding Thursday doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but unfortunately I had to post-pone due to technical difficulties.  Never fear! I am back and ready to talk about a very important wedding topic and introduce you to a great vendor who just happens to be a good friend of mine 🙂


Invitations have come a long way from plain black calligraphy on white paper, (Although those still make a perfect pair with a formal black tie affair wedding).  Some B&G’s now use everything from videos, e-vites, even keepsake boxes to invite their loved ones to share in their special day. These days, anything goes!

I still believe a traditional paper invite, with matching envelopes and reply cards (of course) is the best way to go.  Thanks to the amazing things we can do with computers and graphics now, invitations can be personalized for every single couple, and that is a wonderful thing!  Your invitations are the first glimpse your guests will see of your wedding.  The colors, font, paper choice, EVERYTHING will show them what to expect and how your wedding will feel.  Rustic and romantic barn wedding? Yellowed paper, dried leaves and twine bows comes to mind.  Big City Soiree?  I think: shiny black paper, hot pink accents and white block lettering.  The possibilities are truly endless.

I just happen to know someone who can get your invites to be a perfect match for you and YOUR perfect match! My good friend Troy is owner and creative genius behind Invitations by Troy James Terwilliger.  Though currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, his orders can be completed via e-mail and shipped nationwide.

Troy’s products are all custom designed, so you have hundreds of options to choose from no matter what your budget may be.  Furthermore, he’ll work with you to get it just right, promising unlimited drafts and revisions at no extra charge.  He is affordable and efficient – turnaround time is as little as a week!

Here are some examples of his gorgeous work :

Great, right?! I am a little biased, I admit, but you can’t deny these are all unique and sleek! He also designed The Twenty Something Blog logo and worked patiently as I change my mind, then changed it again, then changed it some more!

Currently Invitations by Troy James Terwilliger is running a fall special: until November 30th, all orders over $200 receive free envelopes. AND, since he’s my homie, if you  mention I sent you, he’ll give you an additional 10% off.  See, it pays to read my little blog!

The bottom line: your invitations kick-off your wedding day, so don’t forget to make them as unique as beautiful, wonderful, Y-O-U!


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  1. – nice to see cynthia and her flimay, SUCH great!! photos josh, i designEe her wedding flowers years ago when do you get to shoot he pregnanacy and baby photos? LOL!

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