My 10 Best Steps to Working Out

Step 1. Feel guilty about the two (five) cookies you ate after lunch.

Step 2. Spend half your commute home making a pro and con list
as to why you should hit the gym tonight.

Step 3. Spend the second half of your commute planning and
re-planning when you’re going to do exercise, do laundry, eat dinner, clean the
kitchen, etc.

Step 4. Grab a quick snack of celery when you get home, because you think it will
hold you over.

Step 5. Debate which sports bra you should wear – the one that
squeezes your girls to allow zero movement and breathing difficulties, or the
one that requires additional support from bra-top tank.

Step 6. Cuss at yourself for having to wear the thick long pants
because you were too lazy to shave your legs that morning.

Step 7. Locate headphones under piles of clothes and/or junkmail.

Step 8. Turn on a rerun of How I Met Your Mother to occupy you while iPod charges.

Step 9. Realize it’s now bedtime and you’ve failed epically at
working off those cookies.

Step 10. Repeat all steps the following day.


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