Wedding Wednesdays: Guestbook Goodness!

My colleague and I were having our usual morning chat over coffee today and got to talking about her wedding day.  She had worked in the hotel event business for years, so she had every last detail planned, down to the hour.  Even with her diligence, her day still had a few glitches.  One of which: someone forgot to put out her guestbook.  Now, I was immediately devastated for her upon hearing this, but she shrugged and said “It’s not like I’d ever look at it again anyway.”

I got to thinking about how many brides have probably done just like my coworker said, and have never taken a second glance at their guestbooks.  I got a little sad – afterall, you spend all that money and time to share your special day with all the people you love and who love you back.  That book of “Congratulations you guys!” and “Best of Luck!” is the memento you take to remind you of all those loved ones who came to support you on your wedding day – I think it should be displayed!!

Luckily, for sappy chicks like me, there are some fantastic new trends that have taken guestbooks from their dust-collecting bookshelf graves to works of art that can be displayed in any room of your house, even in book form!

Here are some of my favorites:

Savannah Live Oak Thumbprint Tree Guestbook Alternative LARGE
Click this picture to see where you can purchase this pretty Savannah Oak print!

I first saw the very popular “Thumbprint Tree” last summer while working as an event assistant at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh.

It was the perfect guestbook alternative for the nature-loving bride and groom and went perfectly with their woodsy decor. ).  I fell head-over-heels for the idea because of the personalization, and because it’s an easy DIY. All you need is a great picture of a leaf-less tree you can send to a print company, some ink pads and pens. Each guest presses their finger to a stamp pad, makes a leaf on the page and signs his or her name inside their thumbprint leaf.    You end up with a great twist on a family tree – complete with your chosen family of friends!

You don’t just have to do leaves. How cute are these thumbprint balloons?! Fingerprint Guestbook Balloon Tree 12x18 Inspired by Disney's UP

This leafy lovely will keep your guests’ fingers ink-free, since the leaves are already part of the graphic.

Wedding Guestbook Vineyard Print - 100 Signature Print - 16x20 Poster

And again, you don’t just have to use leaves.  The possibilities are endless! I’m partial to the color scheme of these hearts 🙂

I can see this monogram design hanging in a dining room or bedroom, well, in any room of your house!

Custom Wedding Guestbook Poster - Printable - 16" x 20" - Personalized - Custom Colors

Another trend I keep seeing are personalized puzzles.  I don’t know what genius thought of this first, but they deserve major kudos!

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle WOOD (A guest book alternative) 120 pieces

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle WOOD (A guest book alternative) 120 pieces

More favs:

Note PocketsFREE CUSTOMIZING 12x12 Wedding Guestbook Scrapbook Album- Choose Any Color Paper, Theme, Fabric Cover and FREE personalized table sign

Intricate ScrapbooksCustom Wedding Guestbook

Autographed Wine Bottles

And lastly, these sweet signed rocks

I once saw a couple hand out rocks before their ceremony.  At the end, the officiant asked everyone to make a wish for the couple on the rock. The bride and groom made wishes too. Afterward, they signed their names and placed them in a decorative glass bowl.  They went home with a sweet collection of wishes from their closest family and friends to display in their new home.  It was so very touching!

Whether hanging art or trusty book, your guestbook should be a treasured memento of your special day and all those people who love you, so make sure you create something you’ll want to look at again and again!


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