Being Alone at Work = So Many Random Thoughts.

Random Thoughts on this Saturday Afternoon….

The Big Empty Building

I’m covering the front desk at work today.  The 30-room building is silent except for the soothing buzz of the vending machines behind me, and the creaking of the
cathedral-high windows.  So far, I have watched two Hulu-fied episodes of How I Met Your Mother, typed up a document for a coworker, ate a banana, ate a yogurt, stole a pop from the kitchen, took down the name of a student who got stood up by an admissions counselor, ran out of people to call, text and Facebook stalk, and told myself again how I need to find a second job and/or start that Wedding Planning business, but still didn’t do anything to make either of those things happen.  Sigh.

I know there are sales and marketing things I could be doing with my time, but realizing I have 40 hours from Monday through Thursday to do it all, makes it really hard to try accomplishing something today.  Doesn’t help that I keep thinking about all my coworkers enjoying their lovely Saturday afternoons doing whatever they shall please.  I’m not jealous; I chose to work today for extra time off, but I can’t help thinking “They  ain’t working; I ain’t working.”*

At any rate, like any good Catholic, I feel a little guilty for not doing things related to my job description, but I am doing a superior job at making sure the building doesn’t burn down… I hope so anyway.

Being in this great big building alone usually leads to one of two occurrences. 1) Singing Celine Dion’s rendition of “All By Myself” at the top of my lungs as I pace through the Atrium. Or 2) Thinking every noise I hear is a serial killer and/or rapist…  Maybe I should spend my time researching a good therapist.

Did you know the word “rapist” is in the word “therapist”? I mean, it is literally spelled The Rapist. Yikes.  I don’t actually think I need my head shrunk, but if spilling my innermost guts to a stranger trying to figure out if I’m crazy or not didn’t already sound unappealing,  it sure as heck creeps me out now.  I’m not saying therapists are rapists, but c’mon, like that spelling association will never leave our brains now.  “No I would not like to lie down on your couch, thank you very much!”

Oh good, the last of the only class here should be leaving shortly.  I’m stuck, I mean scheduled, here till 3:00 I think.  Although… unless the bosses pull up the security footage, or get an angry call from some unfortunate being who can’t get in to take advantage of our restrooms, would they ever really know I left abnormally early?  Oh, there’s that good Catholic guilt again. Looks like I’m riding out the next few hours letting this chair mold to my butt cheeks.

I can’t help but think of all the things I could be doing right now.  I could be working out,
finishing those glittery pumpkins before Fall is over, cooking the pork chops I’ve
got in the fridge, plucking my eyebrows? Who am I kidding?  If I was at home right now, I’d be letting my brain go to mush watching Lifetime movies in my jammies.  That’s exactly what I did yesterday, and probably part of the reason I feel loopy, distracted and bored today.

I don’t like spending so much time alone.  I’m a people person, and frankly, I bore myself.  I guess that comes from having three siblings growing up, and a very large extended family.  There was always someone around to entertain me with his or her thoughts and activities when I ran out of my own.  Luckily I’m headed for a night-on-the-town with my girlfriends later.  Here’s hoping I won’t have a rousing reprise of I’m Too Old for This Sh*t tomorrow, eh?

Okay, so I’m seriously rambling now, so I will just leave you with this clip of the How I Met Your Mother episode I watched earlier… “It’s Creepy To Date Your Therapist.” Aaand, I just realized why I’ve been thinking of therapists. Wow.

Till next time

XO Stephanie

*Disclaimer:  This is a complete exaggeration of my actual feelings. To any potential, future, employers, please understand this is not a reflection of my work ethic, but a sassy comment meant for humor.  My current bosses would laugh at this, as they’d think the same thing while covering the Saturday shift.  Please note: it’s almost mandatory to watch movies.


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