Wedding Wednesday: DIY Personalized Wedding Gift

Buying a nice wedding gift can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re on a budget. I went through this recently when shopping for a coworker’s wedding.  He’s a special guy who’d do anything for anyone, and he’s been a great friend to me since we started working together.  His new wife is equally wonderful, and my fantastic hair dresser, so I wanted to give them something as special as they are.  I took to Pinterest to find something speical I could add to the items I purchased from their registry.  I was specifically looking for something I could make mysef that wouldn’t break my bank.

I hit the jackpot with this Wedding Invitation Ornament by From Glitter to Gumdrops

                    Picture from From Glitter to Gumdrops

 It was SO easy to make and cost me (shh!) roughly $7 to make!

All you need is:

  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Clear glass ornament
  • Wedding Invitation
  • A little hot glue


1) Cut the wording lines of the invitation into strips, approximately 1/4 inch high.  Mine were a little bigger – just eyeball the size of the ornament’s opening to see what will fit.  You can also continue cutting the blank places for added color and/or filling.

2) Curl the strips around a pen. Easy as pie. They should look like this:

                                              Image from From Glitter to Gumdrops

3) Fill the ornament with the strips.  You don’t have to do this in any particular way, because you can shake the bulb when it’s completely filled to move the strips around for better viewing.

4) Put a little hot glue on the inside of the ornament’s cap to secure.

5) Tie a loop and bow around the hook holder.

Done and done! Follow the link above to see the great step by step pictures and the full post by From Glitter to Gumdrops, as well as other great recipes and projects!

Here’s how mine turned out!  (I’m sorry for the picture quality, my iPhone can only do so much.)

Image from Steph's Old iPhone 😉

As you can see, packaged mine in a white cardboard gift box I picked up at the craft store.  I embellished it with my leftover ribbon, and placed the ornament in a bed of leftover tissue paper from their gift bag.

It was so simple and pretty, and a big hit with the Bride and Groom!  They sent me an excited “thank you” text right after they opened it, and I was so happy they loved it. 🙂

Do you have any great DIY wedding gift ideas?  If so, please share them with me in the comments below.  If you’re feeling really ambitious, write up the DIY in a blog post format and email it to me at You can be our next guest blogger!

XO Stephanie


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  2. Oh fun surprise! 🙂 Thank you for frutaeing the wreath! You truly do such a GOOD job with your party link ups, taking care of each detail. I really like the way you host link ups. Anyways, I’m always trying to think of a way to display C-mas cards and the way you featured on this post is genius! I LOVE that.

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