Wedding Wednesday:

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

For those of you who follow the blog on Facebook, you already know about my exciting new job as Contributing Writer for Zankyou Wedding Magazine.  For those who didn’t know, now you do! (Go like the page – you know you want to!)  I had my first article published yesterday, and I’m so excited to be a part of the team!

I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard of Zankyou until coming across the job opening.  I figure a lot of you are in the same boat, so I’m here to educate you with my newfound knowledge of this great wedding website!

Zankyou’s main purpose is to provide today’s couple with online registry and wedding website services.  These services are affordable.  You can create your wedding website for FREE and have over 300 exclusive themes to chose from so it’s unique to you!  The wedding registry service has one of the best rates on the market at 2.85%  and lowest overall cost. If you find a better plan, Zankyou will match it!

The website is secure, so you don’t have to worry about privacy, and there is a customer service team ready to help you via phone or email.  Zankyou has wedding experts in 15 countries, 6 languages and a growing list of accepted currencies, which I think is just plain COOL!  P.S. It is the most popular website in Europe and is growing rapidly in the US.

ZK Magazine has articles about every aspect of weddings.  Bridal gowns and accessories, decor and flowers, honeymoons, invitations, photography, real weddings, news and everything in between!

There is also a wedding forum, where bride and grooms everywhere can ask questions about their big day and get responses from the experts.

My first article is Easy and Elegant DIY Wedding Centerpieces – adding to my addiction to DIYs!  Please note: The author is listed as my editor AJ, until I get my bio and picture settled, but it really is mine, and I’m so excited and proud to share it with you!

In all, if you love Wedding Wednesdays, you must check out Zankyou.  It’s so much fun for wedding freaks!

XO Stephanie



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