Wedding Wednesday: 5 Tips for Chic Christmas Wedding Decor

The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching (you, okay I only have 17 shopping days left!) “Tis the season” for togetherness with family and friends, warmth, love, laughter and decadent foods, and it’s a perfect atmosphere to say “I Do!” If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, here are 5 tips for chic, Christmas-themed, wedding décor!

Image on left from Martha Stewart. Image on right from Thoughtfully Simple.

  1. Incorporate Cranberries.  The rich red hue of these tangy berries is perfect for the traditional Christmas color palette of red and green.  We also eat these around the holidays, so they’ll be sure to evoke memories!  Plus, they’re so pretty!

Outdoor Ornament Pine Garland from Pottery Barn

2. Use a lot of pine.  With or without ornaments, pine is essential in Christmas decorating.  You can hang lighted garland around door entries or just use a garland like this Pottery Barn version as table runners.  You can also prop small, fresh, pine trees in the corners of the room for an added Christmas touch.  Decorated or not, their scent will fill your venue with Christmas memories!

Image on left from Better Homes and Gardens. Image on right from Save On Crafts.

3. Provide plenty of candlelight.  A warm glow from a bunch of candles, like that of a fireplace, will fill the reception venue with even more Christmas spirit.  On of my favorite sites,  Save on Crafts, has candles at discount prices, and they ship quickly! Use various shapes and sizes for a chic design, and don’t forget to add embellishments like glitter and ribbons.

Pine Sashes

4. Use red or green chair sashes.  Decorating your reception chairs provides extra elegance to your overall decor.  I’m obsessed with the use of pine accents on the red sashes pictured above.  You can also hang various ornaments, christmas bows, or glittery snowflakes for a similar effect.


5. Accent with snowflakes.  Snow and Christmas go together like peanut butter and jelly, right?  Bing didn’t sell all those records singing “I’m Dreaming of a Brown Grass Christmas!” So, for additionally Christmas-chic decor, use snowflakes on place cards, favors, cake tiers, or hang paper versions of all sizes from the ceiling.

Your chic Christmas decor possibilities are endless! What would you use to decorate for a Christmas-themed wedding??

XO Stephanie


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  1. LOVE the cranberries in the vase with white flowers. Super cheap trick I read the other day for a winter bouquet that would look great in that vase– use tons of babes breath all bunched together. Normally just filler– it looks so fun in big bunches. Throw some roses in there for extra class!

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