Wedding Wednesday: New Year’s Eve Elopement Inspiration

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Nearly 60 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, my grandparents eloped in a little church at midnight.  It’s true!  Since then they’ve had 11 children and sixty-some grand-children and great-grandchildren.  They still hold hands when they walk together, and spin and twirl each other around the dance floor like old movies. They got married again in front of friends and family on Valentine’s Day…. no wonder I’m such a romantic!

Grandma and Poppy dancing cheek to cheek last Christmas

New Year’s Eve has a special place in my heart because of this, and because New Year’s Day was my other grandfather’s birthday.  It’s always been a holiday full of so much love.  I got to thinking about elopements, and how they can be simply beautiful.  There’s also something beautiful about starting a new life together right at the beginning of a new year.  That’s quite a resolution!

Here’s my inspiration board for a New Year’s Eve elopement 🙂

NYE Elopement Inspiration Board

You’ll definitely need a warm winter coat, champagne, lots of glitter, and spontaneity! The cute sparkly signs are from and the sparklers can be purchased from

Would you ever consider a NYE elopement? What would you include in yours?

XO – Stephanie


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