Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Planner

You know how I’ve been talking about starting a wedding planning business?  Well, I have been, for like 3 years now. Something (fear) has kept me from taking a chance and getting the ball rolling, but I’m finally biting the bullet!  I’m finally taking the first steps to expand my client portfolio and build the business of my dreams, and I’m SO excited!

I like to blame Jennifer Lopez’s “The Wedding Planner” for causing my wedding addiction.  There’s a scene when she meets a potential client, and “off the top of her head” describes what she envisions for the wedding.  Soft music comes in as she talks of Wedgwood, imported trees and a tent “thin enough to see the stars” as dreamy looks of wonder sweep over the bride-to-be and her parents.  That is the moment I decided I wanted to be a wedding planner. That is the moment I realized I could help people make the most special day of their lives, the greatest experience ever.

If you haven’t realized yet, I’m a huge sap – I love LOVE.  That’s why I love the event industry.  Whether weddings, birthday parties, showers, or even funerals, all events are based on love – love for a mate, love for friend, love of family, love of life!  Who wouldn’t want to help people celebrate love!

You may think you can handle the planning process with out help from a coordinator, and I’m sure you’ll get through it just fine, but it is STRESSFUL.  My job is to take on all that stress, so your planning process and special day are enjoyable. You make all the decisions, and I’ll do all the work.  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun of prepping and partying, because you’re looking for a Xanax, right?!

Day-of coordination is especially important – I’ll be with you and your wedding party from beginning to end, to help coordinate the ceremony, the transition to the reception and the entire reception.  I’ll be the liaison between you and your vendors, so your caterer, florist, DJ, nagging Aunt, won’t have to bother you with questions.  I’d meet with you once or twice before the ceremony to go over all the details, and then you’ll hand all the worry and coordinating to me!
If you, or someone you know, is in the process of planning a wedding, please recommend my services!  Because I’m new to the field, and hoping to expand my portfolio, I’m VERY affordable.  I’m also an experienced ceremony singer, so please keep that in mind too!  I may even throw that service in for free 🙂

If you have any questions, please send an email to and we can discuss it all further!

I hope to hear from you soon!

XO- Stephanie


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  1. A wedding planner will greatly reduce your problems that you will tend to face while planning for your wedding. A lot of stress is common while preparing for your wedding and you tend to worry about the arrangements, the execution of your wedding plan and much more. A good wedding planner will definitely help you to remove the stress factor from your wedding plans and that too with you still being in control. A wedding planner will ease your load while you plan your wedding and also ensure that it will be a memorable day in your life.

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