Wedding Wednesdays: MORE Peacock Madness!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Thanks to my handy-dandy WordPress tools, I’ve noticed a trend in who’s looking at what on the blog. No worries, I’m not creeping on ya, I just know how many people look at stuff and how their internet searches lead them to me.  It’s all pretty cool, and today I’m taking advantage of it!


At least once per day, a Peacock-themed search sends some web-wandering fashionista to take a peek at Wedding Wednesdays: Peacock Madness, soooo today I’m back with more of my favorite fabulously feathery finds!  (Wadup alliteration! Yeah I said it!) And next week, I’ll be back with even more!!

Peacock Cakes!

There are ENDLESS possibilities with a peacock cakes, especially because there are so many colors to choose from.  I think the full green one is my favorite, but it’d definitely take one daring couple to choose it! What do you think?

Table Decor

Peacock Wedding Decorations

Peacock Table Decor Clockwise from top left, images from Event & Floral Decor by Shondra Brown Hawkes, Pinterest, The Knot, Ivyndell on Etsy

The rich hues of these tail feathers, are a vehicle for endless inspiration.  You can showcase the colors with tablecloths, napkins, plates, or stationary.  I’d like to see all white linens with bright blue charger plates layered underneath a purple dinner plate. White rolled silverware would be set on top with a bright green napkin ring, much like these gorgeous napkin rings pictured.  You can purchase your own from (where else) Ivyndell on Etsy.

Peacock Bouquets

Peacock Wedding Bouquets - clockwise from top left, image from Etsy, ZazzarettiBridal on Etsy, Pinterest, Pinterest

Incorporating the royal peacock color palette, is really easy in your floral arrangements.  You may opt for all white with feathers, like the cala lilies, something dramatic like feathers, or a feathery take on a traditional arrangement.  The top right bouquet is a silk arrangement you can buy from ZazzarettiBridal for $690.00, or your could try your hand at creating your own masterpiece with supplies from your local craft store.

Peacock Shoes

Peacock Shoes - images clockwise from top left are from MyDreamWedding, LaPlumeEthere, TJFormal

So if Marilyn says “DIAMONDS are a girls best friend,”  I think SHOES are her soul mate. (no pun intended.)  On the biggest day of her life, she needs some something fancy on her dancing feet, so how about some peacock embellishments?  The peacock feather shoe clips (top left) are sold by MyDreamWedding for $44.99.  The purple peep-toes will go to one lucky buyer with a 10 shoe size, from LaPlumeEthere.  Lastly, the black and blue pageant heels are from Johnathan Kayne and can be purchased online from many places, including TJFormal.  Which one is your favorite?

That’s it for this week, but be sure to tune in next Wednesday for more pretty finds!

XO – Stephanie


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