Eye Shadow Nail Polish DIY!

Yes, you read that title correctly!  Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own nail polish from powder eye shadow!  How many of you, like me, have fab-colored eye shadows lying around that you never use?  I have TONS; namely because I buy colors that end up looking horrific on my olive skin tone, and I like to buy those big crazy palettes of  20 colors thinking I’ll get creative, but always go for standard neutral smoky eyes. Well, last night I found a solution to my makeup wasting ways with this DIY from Never Too Much Glitter.  I tried it immediately, and it was so easy and fun, and only took a couple items I had lying around.

Here’s what you need:

  • Powder Eye Shadow in any color
  • Clear nail polish
  • Foil
  • Extra dry nail polish or eye shadow brush

TO DO: With your extra brush, loosen a bit of your eye shadow powder and sweep it onto your foil into a little pile.  Pour some clear nail polish onto the powder and mix well with your brush. Apply your new polish as normal and let dry.  DONE!

Now, the original directions called for a silicone baking cup to mix the ingredients in. I don’t have one of those, nor can I even recall what they even look like, SO I subbed in the foil and it worked just fine – plus, no clean up!I Also, I just eyeballed the ratio of powder to polish.  It didn’t take very much at all to cover all my nails, plus you can always make more.  I’d suggest starting with just a little and working your way up.

First I used a medium purple shadow, and had so much fun, I decided to make some hot pink too.  My nails are a mauvey-lilac, but they’re fun!  I applied a top coat for extra shine. With any luck, yours will be perfectly painted like Never Too Much Glitter’s:

Pinned Image

DIY Eyeshadow Nail Polish - Image from NeverTooMuchGlitter

I can’t wait to try the turquoise and blue shadows I’ve got at home, and maybe this time I’ll snap some pics of my own.

What color would you try?

XO – Stephanie


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