Wedding Wednesdays: Top 5 Favorite Unique Table Number Ideas

Happy Wedding Wednesday my lovely readers!  I hope you’re having a great week!  It’s been a busy one for me with work, and starting the wedding planning business, and enjoying this GORGEOUS weather we’re having in the Burgh.  Thank goodness my devotion to bringing you our Wednesday tradition is so strong – you might never hear from me!

I was playing on The Knot, trying to get inspired with a great new topic and I came across this amazing picture…

That, my dear friends, is one very pretty, very trendy, TABLE NAME DISPLAY. This couple named each of their tables by a different type of wine, and adorned the bottles with these vintage-inspired tags. They’re perfect for a wino-couple or vineyard venue.  Drool… sigh… swoon.

Uniquely designed table names/numbers are one of the many ways you can make your reception decor a reflection of you and your other half. They bring something extra special to your tables and your guests are sure to notice.  Afterall, how else will they know where they’re seated?

Aside from the wine name idea, here are my Top 5 Favorite Table Number Ideas:

5. Labeled Vases with Floating Candles

These simple and chic table numbers not only add an extra glow to your centerpieces, but are easy to read as the script is highlighted from the candlelight. Your guests will be able to spot them easily, but they’ll blend right in with your overall decor.

4. Naming Your Tables with Significant Places or Streets

I first saw this version of table numbers a few years ago while working a wedding.  The couple traveled home from the midwest and had their reception in the bride’s mother’s backyard. They named their tables after streets that meant something to their relationship:  where they grew up, where they went on their first date, where they went to college, where they lived together, , etc.  It told a kind of story about their lives; both individually and as a couple, and guests thought it was pretty neat too!

You can also name your tables off of your theme, like these cute, rustic mason jars:

3. Wood Block Table Number from The Knot

These are rustic-chic and oh-so-sweet! They also seem like a pretty simple DIY – a little firewood, some wooden numbers, and a couple nails, and you’ve got table numbers sure to impress.  I’d like to see them kicked up a notch as a full-on vase, filled with wildflowers, baby’s breath and maybe even some ferns.

2.  Champagne Glass Paper Cards

I’m a wee bit obsessed with these little lovelies I see all over Etsy.  This particular orchid version is from Timeless Paper.  While these are place cards, they can EASILY be changed into table numbers by replacing the names with the numbers.  Your guests may have to get really close to the tables to find them, but they will be at each seat.  They also provide extra elegance and embellishments to your overall table decor.

1. Cut-Out Antique Book Numbers

These are number 1 for no other reason than I am in complete and total AWE of them!  I mean seriously?! They’re GENIUS!  I found them on Etsy of course from Love And Found.  This is why I love Etsy – where else can you find something this fantastically awesome?  They’ll work with any kind of decor, from tall bountiful bouquets to simple votive candles and rose petals.  Just make sure they get a chance to stand out, so everyone can see how stinkin COOL they are!

Your table number possibilities are endless – but you don’t have to get all crazy!  Traditional table tents with numbers are just as gorgeous and effective – I just happen to have an obsession with unique ideas I wish I’d thought of!

What kind of table numbers would you choose?

Til Next Time,



4 responses

  1. Wow… That book one is awesome… I love it. The only thing about it that I don’t like is that it makes me sad to think of cutting pages of a book… even a book that I hate.
    But I am so torn because it is such a cool idea, right? You could envision every table getting a different book and then the guests could be like “Oooo what book did we get? Ooo I wonder why they picked this specific page…” Haha…. I am such a nerd. Nice post. Nice to see that someone else is doing Wedding Wednesdays too! 😀

    • Haha I love your take on this! It would be hard to slice up a good book! I’m not sure I could do it, but then again, I’d love to see the guests faces if they were trying to figure out which book they got. It would be tons of fun! I love your blog – too cute!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for including my book table numbers! What an awesome surprise to find this! Just to the comment above, as an absolute bookworm, I agree, it pains me a bit when I cut them BUT the vintage books I use are ones that likely aren’t going to get any more love, so I’m giving them another chance at life rather than growing dusty in the back of a used book shop 🙂 I also hope that my brides re-sell them after, so they get many more chances at making lots of people happy! And if you want to sit down and read one, there’s actually very little paper missing after they’ve been cut, so you actually could read the book if you so desired. Gorgeous and functional, win win!

    Thanks again!
    Veronica @ Loveandfound

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