Scroogentines – A Heart-Felt Rant on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day you Beautiful, Wonderful Readers of Mine!!  I hope you are giving love and feeling loved today!  Just so you know, I love you for reading the silly things I have to say, and would send you all a lovely box of chocolates if I could!

There are so many people in my life, some of my most favorite people actually, who are all sorts of sour about this holiday.  It’s the commercialism about it all and the “I love him every day” mantra that has made these people what I like to call Scroogentines. (Copyright that ish).  A Scroogentine is a person who thoroughly dislikes this “made up” holiday because it’s a silly waste of time and resources, and they prefer to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Well, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic, but Scroogentines make me sad and frustrated.  I know everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, but I’m sorry, I just don’t understand this one!  I also know I touched on this last week, but since this is my blog, a place where I’m to express my thoughts and feelings on things that affect us as Twenty-Somethings and people, here’s what I have to say:

“Valentine’s Day is commercialized and people spend money on things they probably don’t need.”  UM YEAH?! SO WHAT?!  How many times do you spend money on useless things YOU don’t need for YOURSELF that do nothing to make someone else feel good? Huh? Yeah, let that simmer.  I know I do it… I’ve got lengthy Wal-Mart receipts to prove it!

I agree that Valentine’s Day has become this über expensive mess of commercialism.  I agree that it is completely unnecessary to shell out loads of money for jewelry, designer bags,  and whatever it may be that sends millions of men to the mall each year, under tons of pressure, to get the right gift.  But this is no reason to become a Scroogentine!  Who says we have to spend a lot of money on things to show we care?  A little token of affection can go a long way, and THAT’S what Valentine’s Day should be about! Remember how fun it was to stuff little paper hearts into decorated cardboard shoeboxes when we were kids?  We, as a nation, made this a crazy shopping day by adhering to this “rule” that the best way to show affection is through expensive merchandise; that “Every Kiss Begins With Kay.”

However, we also have the power to Just Say No!  You remember that mantra, right?   Let us remember, there is no actual rule saying that you MUST shower your loved one with presents off Kim K’s wedding registry.  And ladies, STOP EXPECTING THEM!  No, your man should not forget about you on Valentine’s Day, but do you really need him to buy you an “open heart” necklace to know he loves you?  If so, girlfriend, you have bigger problems!

So what if Valentine’s Day is commercialized? So what if it’s frivolous?  How much money did you spend on a costume for Halloween – a holiday that doesn’t have much meaning at all? At least people are spending money on things to express their love for one another, right?

That brings me to my next point:  Why would you want to be a Scroogentine, on the one holiday each year that is dedicated to the most beautiful gift anyone can ever give or receive? I’m talking about LOVE here, folks. SO WHAT if it’s frivolous? SO WHAT if it’s silly? SO WHAT if you share your love every day? Instead of looking at it in the negative, think of it this way – you have been given a free pass to bask in the glow of being in love.  You’ve been given a free pass to smile like a kid in a candy store, wear red pants, give out and eat candies.  You’ve been given a free pass to remember that life is supposed to be fun – that we are SUPPOSED TO CELEBRATE THE GOOD THINGS! Carpe Diem kids, you only get one life! Why spend an entire day fighting against a tide that’s all about the love?  Seems like a waste of a perfectly lovely day, don’t you think?

Besides, let’s be real, don’t you sometimes forget to count your blessings?  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always remember how lucky I am to have all the love I do – How BLESSED I am.  In the hustle and bustle of every day life, with the deadlines, the cranky clients, the broken toilet seats (yes I have one), the horror stories on the nightly news, the electric bills, the snow clouds, the heart breaks, the frustrations of This and That, we all need a reminder, like Valentine’s Day, to stop and cherish the people we have who love us and who we are lucky enough to love.

We all need to “stop and smell the roses,” because life and love are precious.  Valentine’s Day gives us that opportunity… all you have to do is take it.

SO WHAT if you act on  your love every day?  You can’t over-express how much you love someone. You can’t say “I love you” too many times – you just can’t – it’s impossible.   It’s the one phrase that never gets old, that never sounds silly, that never loses it’s meaning. But, it IS the one phrase you may regret not saying enough; the one thing you’ll long to hear and wish you could say when you can’t anymore, the one you may forget to say when you should.  I think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by all, simply because it might make the world a better place if the Scroogentines just get on board the Love-train!  It might make the world a better place if we take February 14th’s reminder that LOVE IS OUT THERE.  It exists in many ways, big and small, it brings people together, it heals wounds, it creates life, it makes the world go round!

So Scroogentine’s, just STOP IT!  Put away your rolling eyes, snarky remarks and grumpy faces, and just embrace today for all that it is, or all that it can be.  It’s not gonna hurt you, but watch out! – It might just make you smile.


XO, Stephanie


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