Wedding Wednesday: St. Paddy’s Day Inspiration Board

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

By now, it’s no secret that I love holidays… remember the Scroogentine’s rant?  I mean, I seriously love holidays… especially the fun kitschy ones.  I have a special admiration for St. Patrick’s (Paddy’s) Day.  Going to an Irish Catholic college brought out the shamrock loving, green-beer drinking, wannabe Irish girl in me to full force and I haven’t let go of her yet!  I look forward to March 17th, to run around in my boing-boings, wearing mismatched green clothes and celebrating the good times.


This year, March 17th, St. Paddy’s Day, falls on a Saturday.  Though March isn’t the most common month to get married in, I bet there will still be plenty of “I Do’s” being said next weekend.  I can only wonder if anyone will have a St. Paddy’s Day themed wedding. Maybe a couple Irish lovers, who are super proud of their heritage?  Anyway, all of this wondering has led me to put together an inspiration board full of green goodies to celebrate this lovely holiday. Enjoy and don’t forget to wear green!

St Paddy's Day Inspiration Board

-XO Stephanie


3 responses

  1. Boing-Boings! you are welcome for the term. Beware the dancing induced uni-boing!

    Also, i have done an Irish wedding. When I was in Buffalo, which is a very Irish city, there was a wedding for an Irish fireman. They had emerald linens and the cocktail linens had shamrocks. The Bride wore a sage green sash with a Triquetra (the 3 circles) embroidered on it. It was a fantastic (and in true form, very drunk) cocktail reception wedding!

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