Go on a Titanic Memorial Cruise? Um, Are You Crazy?!

So, I was just checking my Yahoo homepage for emails and such, and read a story about a Titanic Memorial Cruise that’s happening right now.  I loved the Titanic story from the moment I learned about it in history class, and long before the movie came out.  Okay, it wasn’t that long before; I was like 11 when the movie happened, but regardless I LOVED the romantically tragic story of the doomed ship and its hopeless passengers.  It’s so haunting and mystifying, and even at a young age, I felt for the men, women, and children who suffered that fate in the cold icy waters, like Jack Dawson. (She totally coulda fit you on the board dude. Just sayin’.)

At any rate, this cruise is retracing the exact path of the Titanic for the famous disaster’s 100th anniversary on April 15th.  The ship has the same number of passengers as the “unsinkable” boat did, it’s taking the same amount of time over the same calendar days to sail the icy waters, it’s serving the same meals, it’s visiting the site of the sinking, and some (many) passengers have even put forth their best Rose Dewitt costumes (below).

Passenger on Titanic Memorial Cruise... Photo from Yahoo News

Rose Dewitt - looove that hat.

UMMMMM. Does anyone else have a blaring red flag waving in their heads?!? Maybe I’m just superstitious, but who in her right mind would board a ship that’s essentially replicating one of the worst nautical disasters of all time… on the 100 year anniversary of the actual tragedy?? Not this girl!  I know it’s all about remembering the fallen, letting family members pay tribute to long-lost relatives, and apparently celebrating Halloween early, but if you ask me – you’re just tempting fate homie.  I can just see the headlines now – SECOND WORST OCEAN DISASTER IN THE WORLDS HISTORY. SECOND TITANIC SINKS, HOURS AFTER HITTING ICEBERG… LIGHTNING APPARENTLY CAN HIT THE SAME SPOT TWICE. The only good that could come out of something like thIS is the future swelling of James Cameron’s bank account. Let’s be reals.

Photo of newspaper headline after the Titanic went down. Thank you Google.

Now, say I was taken aboard this ship out of my own free will or something and had to take this trip.  You know what I’d be doing?  Well honestly, first I’d be looking for my own Jack Dawson and that car in storage. But, after all that steaming up was done, my ass would be banging on the Captain’s door with a telescope and tracking device to make damn sure we didn’t hit any ‘bergs.  And you better believe my suitcase would come equipped with its own insta-blow-up raft – big enough for me and Jack. I have no idea where I’m getting these supplies, but since this is a rambling of my imagination, I think they’d be easy to find.

Really though, I get it, I do. To be a part of something historical like this – I’m a dork, I get it.  But, SERIOUSLY?! I just wonder if anyone on this cruise is thinking what I’m thinking. Or at least holding tight to their life jackets?

Here’s praying they make it to New York this time. Geesh.

Tell me, would you go on this cruise?

XO – Stephanie


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