Wedding Wednesday: Why Are Wedding Songs So Cheesy?

Y’all, I’m frustrated. Really, very, frustrated. This is not going to be a usual, sunny Wedding Wednesday post with pretty pictures and links to fab stuff. No, today I’ve got some serious beef I need to vent about, and one looming question:  Why are wedding songs SOOO CHEESY?!

Seriously.  I’m singing at my uncle’s wedding in less than two weeks, and am having all sorts of trouble finding a nice song that doesn’t make me giggle.  Uncle and his B2B chose 3 songs, and I actually like them all.  However, two of them are written for men, and in the completely wrong range.  Notagood!  The third option, while pretty with nice lyrics, is kinda boring, and they deserve better than a boring song!

I took to internet searches to find some other options and I found cheese, after cheese, after really stinky, stinky cheese.  Have you ever googled “list of wedding songs?”  You will get two answers:  horrible Christian rock songs with melodies circa 1982, and classic clichés that are so overdone, the audience will probably roll a collective set of eyes.  IE: KC&JoJo “All My Life.” Gagtastic.

I feel bad for these songs.  I truly don’t think they can be blamed for their down right goof factor.  Weddings have a way of turning nice things into clichés in one short wedding season. It’s really not fair. 

Also, choosing an appropriate song is just difficult.  You don’t want to gag your attendees with some overly mushy, telling love song.  You want to stay clear of anything that relates at all to the bedroom.  You want to include your religion while still talking about your love for one another.  Some traditional services and churches aren’t the best places for pop music.  The list goes on and on.

I just don’t understand why it’s so hard though.  The majority of songs are written about love right?  Yet, they all sound heinous to me.  Argh.

Do you have any suggestions for wedding songs?  I need something Christian, but decent. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

XO – Stephanie


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  1. Susan McClellan – Rachael: Nice to meet your honey at last! The pictures are great and a fun way to incdorute Charlie to the rest of us. Thanks for sharing (He’s so talllllll and I love the shoe pic.)Love, Aunt Susan

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