(Belated) Wedding Wednesday: 5 Fabulous Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Happy Belated Wedding Wednesday!! I had half of this post done last night before I had to run off to a networking event, and didn’t get to finish when I got home.  Oops!  At any rate, Spring has sprung all around us, and I can’t help but day-dream about beautiful spring weddings with fragrant and gorgeous bouquets.  Some of my favorite flowers bloom in spring, and here’s a tip:  when you use in-season blooms you save some cash!  Who doesn’t love that?

Here’s a look at 5 fabulous flowers for a spring wedding:


Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

These lush flowers are available from February to June, and their meaning is “you are very attractive.” (Oh, well thank you!) They are also called Persian buttercups. They come in most flower colors, but the most popular are white,  yellow, orange, pink or red. Ranunculus are lovely for all types of weddings, from an outdoor garden party, to black tie affair.


Hydrangea Wedding Centerpiece

I’m crazy about these full, soft blooms – I’ve got silk arrangements all through my house to prove it!  They make fantastic centerpieces due to their large round shape and size.  They change colors as they grow, but come in shades of pink, blue, purple and white.  They are in-season from May – November, so they’re available for the busiest part of wedding season.  They’re becoming increasingly popular for wedding bouquets and centerpieces.


Peony Wedding Bouquet

Peony may be my favorite of the spring flowers.  Their soft femininity is very romantic, and to me, they are the epitome of spring.  They are similar to roses, with layered petals, but their fuller shape allows for more bang for your buck.  They’re available from March through June.  The meaning of Peonies is “Happy Life” which is a pretty great symbol to have at your wedding, don’t you think?


Dahlias are symbolic of elegance and dignity, so they’re a great spring bloom to have at your wedding.  I love the pointy shape of the leaves, as they add a dramatic edge to the bouquets.  These flowers are available in white, purple, yellow, lavender, orange, pink, bi-colored with distinct markings, bronze, flame and red. They’re also the official flower of Mexico, which is pretty neat.


Anemone Wedding Bouquet

I think I’ve gushed about the gorgeous black and white Anemone before, but that’s because I LOVE them.  They are so elegant, and work beautifully with damask patterns.  I love them with hot pink, baby blue, or red decor accents.  They also come in a deep red color, if you’re looking for a red bouquet.  Anemones are available year round, but their peak period is from October – May, and are part of the buttercup family, like the ranunculus.

Do you have a favorite spring flower? What would you use for your spring wedding?  Tell me in a comment below!

XO – Stephanie


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