Wedding Wednesdays: 3 Cake Toppers I’m Obsessed With

Happy Wedding Wednesday My Lovely Friends!

I was playing on Etsy yesterday, trying to find some inspiration for today’s post, and doing a little research for Sister’s wedding.  As you know by now, I’m obsessed with the little details that make your wedding truly your own.  You also know that when I’m looking for new Little Deets, I take to Etsy.  It’s a lifesaver for those looking for personalized, handmade wedding items that won’t break your bank, and I’m always amazed at the creative awesomeness I find there.

While browsing, I stumbled on Cake Toppers; a subconscious decision since I know Sister has yet to find one she loves.    Your cake topper is a detail that’s not to be ignored.  The Wedding Cake is a centerpiece for your event.  It is one of the first things people will seek out to observe, it’s the perfect home to honor your wedding’s theme or color scheme, and let’s not forget what a great cameo it makes when you smash it in each other’s faces.  A cake topper is important to the overall look of the cake, and an easy way to make your wedding uniquely you.  I’m still not sure if Sister has found one she loves, but I have! Here are 3 Cake Toppers I’m Obsessed With.

1. Custom Engraved Monogrammed Cake Topper

Monogrammed Cake Topper - Custom Engraved in Clear Acrylic

Monogrammed Cake Topper from WeddingMonograms

I’m a sucker for monograms, and this one from WeddingMonograms is really making me weak in the knees.  The acrylic circle topper is a keepsake item you could display for  years after you say “I do.”  It stands at 5″x5″ and can be personalized with a custom designed monogram, or one you have from another source.  The circle itself is only $25.00, and you can purchase a monogram from the shop.  It’s beautiful, simple, and unique – certainly perfect for any wedding!

2. Custom Penguin Cake Topper

Custom Penguin wedding cake toppers - bride and groom personalized elegant love bird

Custom Penguin wedding cake topper from PassionArte

This one is just SO stinkin cute!  Those happy little penguin cheeks make me smile.  These are $94.00 and can be purchased from PassionArte.  Made of clay, they stand 2.3″ tall, and you can match the flowers to the colors of your wedding.  This shop has other sweet toppers with “love birds”, rhinos, hedgehogs and more.  You’ll definitely make a statement with these little guys!

3. Large Personalized Heart Wedding Cake Topper

Large Personalized Heart Shape Wedding Topper from HeatherBoyd

The modern aluminum wire, and cute loopy letters had me at HELLOOO!  The $24.00 price tag wasn’t a bad thing either.  This cake topper is from Etsy shop HeatherBoyd.  There are many other options to choose from too: bicycles, hot air balloons, cars, even a Las Vegas sign.  I can see this looking great on any kind of cake – regardless of the shape, size, color, flowers, whatever, it would work… It’s also possible that I’m only obsessed with it because it has my name on it… as though I’m marrying Nick Carter.

Nick Carter – My One True Love

Do you have any favorite cake toppers?  What does/did yours look like?  Tell me in the comments below!

XO – Stephanie


5 responses

  1. Hahaa was not expecting to see Nick Carter on a post about wedding toppers, but I like it.
    And the penguins: I love those guys!

  2. oh my god i love your cake toppers. lol. the one ive decided on for our cake is the bride standing on a suitcase to kiss the groom. why i like it is because there is a major height difference between me and my hubbie to be:) i’m 5ft and he is 6’4. think the guests will find it funny. i know i do:)

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