Personal Email Inbox… Or Time Capsule?

Do me a favor.  Go to your personal email inbox, find the last page, and take a look at where your life was 6 months ago, one year ago, two years ago… I spent some time today cleaning out the “inbox” and “sent” folders of my personal email account, simply because I realized I had 43 pages of emails, and that’s just unnecessary.  Luckily, I got through most of them quickly, only stopping to re-read those with subject lines that caught my eye.  What I learned?  I’ve come a great, long way in the last three years.

I can’t believe I just announced to the world that I’ve been hoarding emails since 2009, but I’m an honest person, so there you have it.  2009. I was fresh out of college, painstakingly searching for a real job, missing my best friends, nursing a broken heart, living back at home, and trying to figure out where in the world I was going next.  One look at that last page, and I couldn’t help but silently congratulate myself for coming so far. And I shook a metaphorical head at the old Stephanie, and wished I could go back to her and tell her that in 3 years, all those fears; the shaky knees at job interviews, the tears cried from missing friends, the nights wishing He’d call; would be distant, almost embarrassing, memories. That she’d get through it, victoriously.

A lot has changed in the last three years, and these old email folders made me realize just how far I’ve come.  Just how successful I’ve been.  I’ve found a great job, gotten over the stupid boy, survived other heart breaks and some scary changes. I still miss my college friends, my best friends, my Best Friend, but that all-consuming heart ache has faded.  I send S.O.S. emails to Best Friend about different topics, similar, but still different.  I have new junk mail with new interests.  I get Alumni emails, and wedding planning inquiries, instead of updates from professors or homework assignments from my planner certification course.

The better lesson I learned?  Though a lot has changed in the last three years, a lot of my life is still very much the same.  Instead of catching up after class with my roommates, I get email updates from Law School and Government Intelligence Offices.  My mother still sends funny, informational, or motivational messages.  I still stress about dating.  I still shop too much. I still write songs, and sing whenever possible.  I’m still very, very blessed.

Most of all, I still worry about things that won’t matter in 3 years.

My email time capsule was a much-needed reminder to “Let Go and Let God;” to keep moving, growing and learning.  It was a much-needed reminder that our Twenties are crazy, scary, and FUN.  It was a much-needed reminder that in 3 years, I’ll be an even better version of Stephanie, because I’m determined to be so. Because I got through challenges before, and I can do it again. That Time is always ticking away, and it’s important to start living every second, of every day, of this crazy, wonderful life.

What did you find in your emails?  How far have you come?

Just think how far we’ll be three years from now…

XO, Stephanie


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