Simply: You Should Read This

Our friend Margaux, sent me a link today, to a blog post written by a college friend.  I wasn’t sure what it was, as she sent it with only two words attached.  Those two words being, “Holy Shit”.  After I read the post, I emailed her back with the same two words. Twice.

The blog post, “An open letter to the stranger who cat called me with an insult yesterday”, is one of the most honest, powerful, (and as I told the author) inspiringly bad-ass posts I’ve ever read.  I’m grateful that Hazel gave me permission to share it with you, as I think all women, hell, EVERYONE, everywhere should read it.  For many reasons, for any reason, but mostly because  anyone who can touch us with words, the way she can, should be read.

While you’re visiting Stuck in a Haze, keep reading.  You will thank me. And don’t pass up “Without Pretention or Apology.” Hazel told me about that post herself, as she thought it would speak to the purpose of my blog.  She was right!

Happy Reading!

XO – Stephanie


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