Wedding Wednesday: Weddings Galore!

Hello Friends!

I realized I haven’t written anything in about a month – Yikes!  Life has gotten super, super busy, but I wanted to take a few minutes to catch up with y’all!

In the last month I’ve been:

  • covering for my boss who is on maternity leave = double the work but loving the extra duties!
  • planning/finalizing my sisters bridal shower
  • apartment hunting – ugh more on that later
  • dog/house sitting
  • planning weekend getaways
  • attending many, many weddings! Yaaay!

A few weeks ago, I was blessed and honored to sing at an old friend’s wedding.  It was a beautiful country-chic event at a brand-new venue, the White Barn, in Prospect, PA.  You may have seen the link to the photos by Kelsey Kradel Photography that I posted on the Facebook page last week.  If you haven’t please, please, PLEASE check them, and Kelsey’s entire site, out. She is an amazingly talented photographer, and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL -on a beautiful June day, with an equally beautiful and fantastic couple!  I may be a little biased, but they are 😉

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see on her website…

Ah, so beautiful!!

Along with Elaina & Eric’s wedding, I got to watch my cousin marry his one and only.  During the Catholic ceremony, the priest explained the Sacrament of Marriage in a way I’ve never really thought about before.  He basically said that by coming together to get married in the church that day, they were saying to God that they love each other so much that they wanted to become a Sacrament, so God could use them as a couple to do his works.  He also told them to remind each other, every day that they are loved, needed, respected, and admired. It was beautiful.  I cried.  I’m a sap, I know.

But, whether Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist or anything in-between, I think the basis of his statements ring true as a challenge for all couples – use all the love you have for each other to better the whole world.  Kind of an awesome concept right?

In other wedding news:  My Bestie got engaged this past weekend! Yaaaay!  “We’ve got a wedding to plan!” she said when she called me at 1:30 in the morning.  The wake-up call was worth it.  And this Saturday, Bestie, Margaux, and I will watch our college roommate marry a fantastic guy!  It’s hard to wrap my head around all this love, happiness, and eternal commitments.  It’s another reminder of our age, and another great Twenty-Something experience to mark off our lists – to see your very best friends walk down the aisle.  It’s so exciting!

Have you gone to any weddings lately?  Do you have any fun stories to tell about when your best friends got married?  Tell us in a comment below.

XO- Stephanie


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