Wedding Wednesday: Recycle Your Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday Peeps!

I don’t have much time to chat today, but wanted to show you something pretty cool that I discovered in my Pinterest travels.  There is a blog called Ruffled, and it has a section that allows you to Recycle Your Wedding by selling your wedding items.  It’s a must-have bit of info. for every bride and groom out there!

On the site, you can sell (and buy!) everything from votive candles to wedding gowns!  What else are you going to do with 15 custom-made tablecloths, huh?  You might as well get some money out of it!  Put it towards your honeymoon 😉

Check out the rest of the Ruffled Blog while you’re there.  There are great Real Weddings, DIYs, and a shop where you can order custom gowns.


XO- Stephanie

P.S.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you should probably get one.  It’s too fun!  Send me an email at, and I’ll send you an invite 🙂


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