Wedding Wednesday: The Icing on the Cake!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I was just thinking about how I’d love to be sitting outside a bakery right now, on this rainy fall day, sipping a latte and eating something delicious.  Then I remembered it’s Wednesday and was inspired to nose around Pinterest to find some beautiful wedding cake ideas to share.

There are INFINITE ways to decorate a wedding cake.  Not only are they a perfect way to express your wedding’s theme, but they’re also the backdrop for some important wedding moments – think cake smash!! While I’m all for beautiful things, it’s also important to remember that your cake should be equally pretty and delicious!  Afterall – cakes aren’t cheap, and you definitely want to get the best bang for your buck!

Here are some of my favorite looks:

Not only am I a big fan of square cakes, but I can’t get enough of the purple damask pattern, metallic gold, and sparse cascading flowers.  It’s romantic, vintage, and has just enough going on.  Not to mention – despite all the gorgeous decor – it still looks yummy!

I can’t believe this is actually cake!  This rustic beauty is a true work of art!  I love the way the feminine flowers are peeking out of the masculine “wood.”  It would be a perfect centerpiece for a rustic/romantic wedding.  I can’t help but picture a setting like the cottage’s forest in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

I’m a sucker for all white weddings, and especially all white wedding cakes.  The one pictured is one of the most ornate cakes I’ve seen, and there’s something refreshingly beautiful about the monotone color palette and intricate details.

I featured this cake on last year’s Wedding Wednesday: Autumn Chic inspiration board.  I had to include it in this post, as it is one of my all-time favorite looks.  I first saw the un-iced cake concept when Hilary Duff married former NHL hockey player Mike Comrie in 2010. She liked the look because it was “vintage” and added to her wedding’s cozy theme. She also said she isn’t a huge fan of sweets, so nixing the icing personalized the cake to her liking – something to keep in mind if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth!  The look is not only vintage, but rustic, and screams of “down to earth” and “home.”  This Spiced version is the perfect centerpiece for an Autumn wedding.

Actress Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie cut their wedding cake.

Whoever designed this His and Her’s cake is genius!  The bride and groom are both represented in this beauty, and combines the growing trend of having a groom’s cake, without the extra cost.  In a world where weddings can be all about the bride, this is a great way to give your groom some attention too.

Who says a wedding cake has to be made of perfect tiers and flawless fondant?  Not me!  This Sandcastle cake is the perfect example of making your wedding cake truly your own.  Why stop with a castle? I also found this little gem:

Here are a few more looks I love:

I also came across a very helpful article from The Knot today – “Wedding Cakes – Our Top Tips.”   It has some seriously great advice, so be sure to check it out!

What is your favorite wedding cake design?  What did your wedding cake look like?

XO- Stephanie


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