Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Hey Y’all!

My name is Stephanie and I’m your Twenty Something blogger!  I reside in Pittsburgh, PA and work in Sales and Marketing for a non-profit conference center.  I’m currently single and going through all the horrificness of dating! (I guarantee there will be plenty posts about that topic!) 

I’m a singer, a writer, a certified wedding planner, a foodie, a dancer (when no one is watching,) a hopeless romantic, a HUGE Pittsburgh Penguins fan, a big sister, a grateful daughter and a devoted friend.

THANK YOU for stopping by my blog!! Please feel free to leave comments on posts or send me emails with any thoughts or suggestions to make this blog fun for everyone – just please be nice!

Happy reading!


One response

  1. Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks for blogging about our new company, bamboopink! We are so excited to have new, fresh eyes on our site! Make sure you log in this weekend for our “Turn Black Friday PINK!!!” We have some great specials in store for our customers!

    All the best,

    debbie millar

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