What’s the Big Idea Here?

Being a Twenty Something woman is WEIRD. There isn’t one Twenty-Something woman I know who is on the same page as all the others.  We’re all experiencing different things in life – college graduations, marriage, dating, breakups, wedding planning, babies, apartment hunting, house buying – you name it!

So, this blog is all about me and you, my fellow Twenty Something! A place for us to come together and celebrate what it’s like to be in this crazy transitional decade of our lives! I share my personal anecdotes as a single, working, 24 (almost 25) year-old woman in Pittsburgh and introduce you to some of the fabulous Twenty Something women in my life through guest blogs. And, since being Twenty Something is down-right fun, I also share entertaining things like fashion trends, makeup tips, music, book and TV reviews, recipes and anything else I feel is relevant to this decade of our lives. I just want us to have some fun!

I want to hear all about you too, so don’t be afraid to share your own thoughts, experiences and passions with me on comments or private messages, just please be nice!

I hope you enjoy what you read and together we can realize that no matter where we are in our Twenty Something life – it’s totally awesome!


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