I’m “Mad about Mashed!”

Hey Twenty-Somethings! What happens when one foodie of a blogger gets invited to a Mashtini taste-testing event and takes her equally food-loving sister?  A whole lot of MMMMs, and YUMMMs, and very, very happy bellies!  A few weeks ago, Sister and I were honored to attend the VIP Mad About Mashed event held by Bob Evans… and they made a Mashaholic out of me!

Sister and I at the Bob Evan’s Mad About Mashed Event! Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

The event was held to celebrate Bob Evans Food Products having the #1 best selling refrigerated mashed potatoes in America.   I have to admit, until that night I’d never tasted these renowned spuds, but I can now attest that they are DELICIOUS – especially the way Executive Chef Dave Eisel prepares them in the new Bob Evans Mad About Mashtini Recipe Collection.  The collection isn’t debuting until August 19th – National Potato Day –  but lucky for you I’m here with the whole scoop – of ‘tatoes!

Mad About Mashed Mashtini Bar – Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

Sis and I divided and conquered the mashtini bars, where we piled high our martini glasses full of fluffy, buttery, starchy goodness, and a whole lot of genius toppings.  We tried all six kinds, and every time we got to a new flavor, we thought we found a new favorite. The truth is – they were all SO good, and so perfectly different, we simply couldn’t choose the winner!

Here’s a breakdown of the awesomeness:

American Regional/Club Mashtini

This is classic Americano here, with toppings mirroring a Club Salad – diced ham and turkey, shredded Swiss and American cheese, and crumbled bacon.  There were also toppings like pulled pork, ranch dressing, broccoli florets and cheddar cheese sauce.  So, so, SO good!

Mad About Mashed Toppings – Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

Mediterranean Mashtini

This may have been Sister’s favorite – It had so many of her favorite pasta and salad toppings.  I thought her eyeballs were gonna pop out when she saw them!  She piled her spuds high with balsamic roasted portabella, parmesan crisps, grilled marinated chicken, basil pesto sauce, prosciutto and an italian mix of stewed peppers, onions and tomatoes called Pepperonata.  This dish takes you right to the heart of Italy friends, and boy is it worth the trip!

Taco Mashtini

This may sound a little weird at first, but I promise you it’s really good!   Bob Evans Zesty Hot Roll or Original Roll Sausage, sour cream, green onions, diced tomatoes, pico de gallo, crushed tortilla chips, and pickled jalapenos, give the mashed pots a fantastic Southwestern kick.  Bobby Flay would be in heaven here.  It’s a taco PLUS Grandma-Style spuds – how could you go wrong?!

Taco Mashtini from Bob Evans Mad About Mashed event. Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

Carbonara Mashtini

Bob puts a new spin on an old Italian classic with this recipe.  Crispy prosciutto pieces, warm peas, crispy fried shallots, and skewered grape tomatoes top potatoes flavored with Boursin cheese.  Boursin is a soft creamy cheese, similar to cream cheese, so you can imagine the extra richness it provides.   Delizioso!

Wildfire Mashtini

This was the last one we tasted, and it may just be my favorite.  This baby has an important not-so-secret ingredient – Bob Evans Wildfire BBQ Sauce. The sauce has the perfect blend of smoky-sweet flavors, and I’ve never had anything quite like it. Seriously, it’s SO good!  The potatoes sit in a bed of this liquid heaven and are topped with scallions and breaded popcorn chicken, that’s also been smothered in the sauce.  All I have left to say is YUM!

Wildfire Mashtini – Mad About Mashed – Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

Sweet Swirl Mashtini

This last recipe is for the sweet-tooth in all of us.  Bob Evans not only carries regular mashed potatoes, but they also have Mashed Sweet Potatoes.  Now, this combination may seem odd when you read it, but you’re just going to have to believe me when I say it’s MOUTH WATERING!  The potatoes are topped mini marshmallows, crumbled bacon, honey roasted pecans, and warm maple syrup.  Kids, it’s like Autumn you can eat.  This is a great side to serve for holidays, and if you like Sweet Potatoes, you’re sure to love these!

Mad About Mashed – Sweet Swirl Mashtini – Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

I really can’t say enough good things about these recipes, and the Bob Evans products I tasted.  And just so you know, this is not an advertisement.  I was invited to the event as a blogger, to share my honest opinion, and honestly, you just need to try these tasty ‘tatoes!  Maybe you can throw a VIP Mashtini Tasting party of your own!  According to Chef David’s demonstration I watched intently, they’re really easy to assemble.  Not only that, but your guests’ taste-buds will be happy, and they’ll be really impressed with your trendy menu.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the official release of these recipes, and in the meantime, get yourself some refrigerated mashed potatoes.  You may become a Mashaholic too!

With that, I leave you with some more pics from the awesome event and send BIG THANKS, from Sis and me, to Bob Evans and Brunner for inviting The Twenty Something Blog! 🙂

Chef David Eisel showing us how to make the magic at Mad About Mashed. Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

I got to meet the genius chef! Mad About Mashed – Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

Yum moment photo op! Stuffing our faces with the Wildfire Mashtini. If you can’t tell by my silly smile, I was in Foodie Heaven! – Photo courtesy of Bob Martin from Cwenar Photography

* * *

Which recipe sounds the best to you?  Have you ever had a Mashtini of any kind?  Share your thoughts in a comment below!

XO – Stephanie