These Are a Few of My Favorite Memes

I hope you know I was singing this title to the tune of “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.”

[ meem ]
  1. cultural characteristic passed down generations: any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information

Oh, Memes.  In this age of technology and social media, memes have become hilarious and truthful tidbits of mankind as we know it.  They are a fabulous internet fad that brings joy, laughter, and a feeling of community to all who read them. I can no longer imagine a world where we don’t have these sassy photo captions to express ourselves.  I can no longer imagine a world where I don’t laugh my butt off on Pinterest and Facebook, and anywhere else they catch my eye.

And speaking of catching my eye, here are some of my favorites – 10 Actually:

And the greatest one I’ve ever seen…

Oh, Memes – Thank you, from an entire generation who is enjoying your spunkaliciousness as it litters our social media pages.  And thank you, THANK YOU for giving us hours upon hours of photos with Ryan Gosling telling Hey Girl everything she’s ever wanted to hear.

What are your favorite memes?  Please share! I need more!!

XO -Stephanie


2 Women, A Garage, and a Mattress… in parts.

Upon moving into our new mountain home, a friend’s house, we learned that the previous tenant had left her bed. After much deliberation and short game of musical mattresses, we managed to solve the dilemma. The last hurdle was to get the not-utilized-at-the-moment-mattress into the garage. We decided the loft was cleaner than the ground floor. then realized, we have to go up….
Problem 1: we wrapped the mattress in plastic
Problem 2: we didn’t wait for our other roommate
The result: hilarious.
My roommates 1983 premium quality mattress, lovingly named “The Taco” now folds completely in half, something like the above… but without the cage to contain it. Picture two women running at each other, QUEEN mattress in hand and then
trying to shoulder push it through the door and up the lawn. Insert face-plants 1 & 2.

Yep… just a little left. got it!
what is stuck on? what’s it stuck on! (Heeeave) WHAT.IS.IT.STUCK.ON?!!!
Inline image 2

My face is stuck… my FACE is now STUCK. I can no longer breathe! Why won’t it move?!! HEEEAVE. HEEAVE. WHERE IS IT STUCK?!
But when you’re on barely-railed, unfinished, garage loft stairs….
Inline image 2

not a lot to grab onto up here…
The Mattress did make its way to the top after approximately 3 face plants, (1 of them while running), a shoe loss, a roll in garage dirt and a multiple near death experiences.
Although we came SO CLOSE to it ending a little something like this I, in fact, DID NOT come flying down at my roommate.